AgService Seeds

Who We Are

Ag Service Seeds, a division of The Lyman Group, Inc., began operations in 2008 diversifying the company’s grower product line to include agricultural crop seeds. Ag Service Seeds is one of several divisions under The Lyman Group, Inc. which are based in the Northern California coastal and inland service areas.


Each division brings an expanded and diversified service area, valuable product & service capacity, and most important, highly qualified staff that work well together as a part of The Lyman Group team.

What We Can Offer…

Ag Service Seeds knows that if our products do not meet your expectations as to quality, yield and value, we have failed you as a distributor and customer. Were about quality! We think it says something about who we are and what we believe in as a company. Were here to partner with you and your business and NOT be looked at as just a supplier but, a part of your success formula for growing and keeping the business you’ve earned.


We are growing as well….expanding our product offerings based on cooperative research programs with Private turfgrass breeders and university research stations in California and Texas to name cooperators.


Like our parent company, The Lyman Group, Ag Service Seeds is committed to bringing you product AND the additional expertise of our people to your front door.

What We Can Do Together…

  • Provide you straight or blended Turfgrass varieties direct from the Grower.
  • Examine Forage needs for permanent pasture or forage production needs be it retail or commercial usage
  • Discuss the economic advantages of utilizing Cover Crop products for your crop rotations or agronomic needs and applications.
  • Consider the small grain products being de-veloped for the changing climates of California and the Southwest.
  • Share the mutual benefits of our variety selec-tions that will help our distribution network offer products that are value added.

AgService Seeds is a division of The Lyman Group, Inc.

Member of the GSCAA and the Western Seed Association